Weg met die pop-ups!

Thursday, 25-9-2014  

About PopUps: Like many surfers, you are probably tired of surfing the net and having windows upon windows sprung open all across your screen bring your internet connection to a crawl. These new windows contain ads for products you are most likely not interested in. Then, as you frustratingly attempt to close each and every new window, they spring new windows on you. Welcome to the most aggressive attempt on the net to make money off of surfers, popup ads.

Unsolicited Spam. The majority of web sites on the net earn their money in a respectful and tasteful manner. There are those however, who are more actively attempting to raise their bottom line. To do this they viscously unleash popup ads that spawn new ads and more ads until your computer crashes or you purchase something.

Internet Speed Loss. So you are surfing along and going to check out a new site and BAM, a popup window launches towards you and begins to load. Your net connection will load that page first because it was called first by the server. The result is that you have to sit there and wait for the popup to load as well as the site you intended to visit. Other sites try to be more sly and popup the window then pop it behind your main window. It still sucks speed from your connection slowing your enjoyment down. Let not even discuss the popup ads spawner that is merely a few pixels wide and lacks any close window buttons. It’s main purpose is to spawn a new popup ad every few minutes.

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